Our Area

A territory, villages, heritage, an area of friendly and sunny villages to discover. The territory spreads over 190 km2 from its highest point, 2016 m, the summit of the mountain of Céüze, to its lowest point, 540 m, the river Durance in Plan de Vitrolles.

From the mountain of Aujour, the peak of Crigne, classified as a « Natura 2000 » protected area, to the changing landscapes: plains, plateaux, forests and summits offering exceptional views and hill-top villages. Each place boasts an incredible heritage: bridges, narrow alleys, wash houses, fountains, medieval villages with old quarters and ramparts, castle ruins and ancient stone houses…

Enjoying an ideal climate, the territory of Tallard – Barcillonnette combines the best conditions for the production of high-quality apples (Golden Label Rouge), pears and peaches.

A few hectares of vineyards also spread over Tallard and Châteauvieux: the production from these vineyards is gradually gaining recognition all over France.

Tallard-Barcillonnette is also a paradise for air sports. The aerodrome of Tallard is known worldwide for its light air sports.

The mountain of Céüze stands at the foot of the village of Sigoyer. While fallen rocks and gullies were the only features of the landscape in 1890, but now the development of a beautiful forest covering 1900 hectares offers a wonderful green landscape. A majestic cliff between 40 and 130m high, world famous among climbers, stands in a semicircle around the forest with a view on the opposite hillside of a wide, grassy plateau. Climbing routes, boulders and marked hikes cover the mountain range.

The lake of Pelleautier lies at the foot of the mountain range/La Freissinouse is a pleasant place to walk.