Incredible Outdoor Adventures in Italy

Diverse landscapes fill the boot of Italy, from the mountains bordering Switzerland and Austria to the islands that look onto Greece, Tunisia and Libya; with varied landscapes and climates brings a wealth of activities.

As a country famed for its art, architecture and beach holidays, Italy’s outdoors adventures are something that is often overlooked. However, even the thought of the possibilities here will get adrenaline junkies hearts pumping.

Think skiing in winter, and hiking and free climbing in summer; kayaking in the south and exploring volcanoes in the south. What better way to get in touch with nature than heading out on an adventure where it’s just you and Italy’s landscapes. No matter how you choose to explore, you are sure to return feeling like you got to the heart of the country.

The outdoor activities waiting for you in Italy will surprise you – let’s go!

Explore Vesuvio National Park

Home to the infamous Mount Vesuvius, the national park has several trails that take you over centuries-old cones formed by the volcano. Hiking around the caldera, you will see the great variety of volcanic vegetation that is a product of the lava flow.

Hiking Mount Vesuvius is an exhilarating feeling – you are, after all, climbing the most active volcano in mainland Europe!

The hiking trail can sometimes be a little crowded; however, the further you go, the quieter it will become, and the more spectacular the views will be. On a clear day, you will see Naples from one side and across Pompeii, into the Amalfi region and beyond on the other.

Skiing in the Dolomites

Nestled in the Dolomites Alps are twelve ski resorts that make up an impressive 1,200 kilometres of ski slopes; this is the largest skiing region in the world. Whether skiing or snowboarding is your thing, you’ll find that the Dolomites is powder paradise.

With just one pass for all of the resorts, your winter tour of Italy will see you hopping between endless scenic landscapes and some of the most famous slopes in the world. Donning your skis, you’ll explore the mountains ranges in the best way possible with slopes that cater to all ages and abilities.

Amalfi Coast Hiking Trails

Explore the Amalfi Coast at a more relaxed pace by hiking between the fishing villages that characterise this region so well.

With a variety of trails available, you can choose where your walk will take you based on your interests and abilities. The Amalfi Coast trails attest to the region’s maritime past, take you deep into forests and past waterfalls, and even reveal the region’s history of paper-making that would otherwise not have been apparent.

Steep, uneven pathways will reward you with panoramic views of the coast that will remind you of what it feels like to be alive. The highest trail will take you 1,000 metres above sea level, with views across to Vesuvius! Hiking is the best and most natural way to discover the infamous Amalfi Coast.

Sea Kayaking around Vulcano Island, Sicily

Combine relaxation with adventure; history with nature, and go sea kayaking. Just off the coast of Sicily is Vulcano Island, where you will see the island from the waters it erupted from.

Vulcano Island acts as an adventurous escape from the historic main island where you will explore caves off the coast that are otherwise unknown.

The smell of sulphur lingers in the air in a way that you perhaps have not experienced before. You’ll soon get used to it as you hop on and off the kayak to explore the island, stopping to walk or swim along the way.

There is a wide range of routes for your kayaking tour that range from half-day tours to multi-day excursions including camping for the more advanced kayakers. Whatever you choose, you’ll tap into the verdant nature of the south away from the crowds.

Canyoning in Lake Garda

Nature’s greatest obstacle course, canyoning takes you along a natural path that follows the water flow. The best adrenaline rush is in the unknown, and canyoning embraces that, as you get ready to cliff dive, abseil and slide to the finish line.

Whether you are looking to get your heart pumping in nature with friends or are part of a family that seeks to get creative in your family bonding activities; canyoning is a teambuilding adventure unlike any other.

Surrounded by the Alps, Lake Garda is often associated with couple’s romantic getaways, having been a centre for great poets and artists since the Renaissance period. The romance often detracts from the lake being a Mecca for outdoor activities. The Alps offer gushing waterfalls and azure pools that are just waiting for you to jump into!

Away from the plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and major tourist spots of Italy are nature-filled adventures in parks and along coastlines up and down the country. Your tour of Italy could take an interesting turn with daring outdoor activity to really get into endless beauty of Italy’s natural surrounds.