A Traveler’s Best Friend: Three best places to take your dog around the world

A Traveler’s Best Friend: Three best places to take your dog around the world

Traveling with a dog can be difficult. There aren’t any hotels that take animals or once you get there isn’t much you can do. The problem only grows when there are kids in the mix as well. So, here are three adventure-packed locations that you can enjoy just as much as your four-legged companion.

Banff National Park, Canada

There are a number of activities to do at Banff National Park, many of which are accessible for a four-legged friend. With 1600 km of maintained trails as well as sight-seeing stops and underground caverns, there is no shortage of outdoor adventure to be had.

Don’t worry about sleeping accommodations because there are no rules against pets when you bring your own tent. There are many spots under the stars to set camp for the night and you may even run into another camper crew that has another friend for your dog to play with!

For backcountry- lovers, taking your dog with you is extremely rewarding. All dogs are expected to be leashed and controlled at all times on the trails. Hiking with your dog can be tricky for first timers. Even experienced backpackers may struggle with the unpredictability of the trails as well as the comfort of their pets.

To maintain the appropriate number of calories needed for such an endurance sport, dog protein is a good boost to your furry friend’s usual diet. Just be cautious of the wildlife and only bring your dog if they are very well trained. Banff National Park is very dog-friendly and makes a strong point to educate visitors about the potential dangers of the experience when your dog can cause stress to wildlife and may potentially be seen as a threat.

Colorado Springs, USA

These red mountains provide the perfect escape from city life. There are tons of unique hiking points like Pike’s Peak or the Garden of the Gods. Pike’s Peak is the 31st tallest Colorado mountain. It rests at 1,205ft above sea level with a 13-mile one-way trek from base to the summit. For more casual adventurers, the Garden of the Gods provides easily accessible trails to some of the world’s more amazing rock formations. Your dog would be happy to accompany you (on leash) to explore the Rocky Mountains. Afterward, enjoy a drink at one of the many pet-friendly outdoor bars. The view is absolutely amazing.

If you are bringing the whole family along with your trusty canine, the Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum is the perfect pet-friendly place. You can browse between two museums to learn about and observe the fascinating architecture of the ancient Anasazi. This museum is a great place for children to run and crawl right alongside the family pet.

If you plan on an extended visit, Denver is just a 90 min drive away. The city is larger and has a livelier night-scene. The mountains in that area are rough as well, and one should wait at least two-three days before doing any strenuous exercise. It is recommended that serious hikers camp for a few days in the mountains to become acclimated. And don’t forget to bulk up your dog’s diet with protein sp they can keep up!

Naples, Italy

On the other side of the pond is Naples Italy. Between the seafront, public parks, and the downtown bar scene, Naples is quickly rising to become one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. Neapolitan people are known for their warmth and friendliness. Their love extends to your furry friends as well. There are over 400 places that accommodate both people and their pets.

The Castel dell’Ov of one of the most romantic tourist spots in Naples and you can explore it with your dog in tow. The Castel dell’Ov is located on what used to be the island of Megaride. The island has been turned into a peninsula for easier access. This connects beautifully to the seafront where a morning or evening stroll is just delightful.

Naples is an easily accessible city for you and a four-legged friend. All public transport allows pets. Just be responsible and maintain the city’s beauty by keeping waste bags on hand and a leash on your dog.